Free domain name for your Tumblr blog

Tumblr is a great service that lets you start your own blog for free. You can share anything from text and photos to videos and music. Everything about your blog is customizable. You can change colors and even customize the HTML code for example. You don't need take care of hosting because Tumblr takes care of all of this too. The only thing that Tumbler doesn't provide is your own domain name. Luckily Tumblr does provide a way for you to use a custom domain so that your website can look more professional. A professional domain name can be registered in many places. You can then point this domain to your blog by modifying the A-record or CNAME record. Tumblr has a detailed tutorial that describes the process. This way you can be found under your own domain in search engines like Google. On our website we list many if not all of the free domain name registrars. These domainname services cost nothing and help you get a shorter and more memorable domain name.  They can be used for free blog services like Tumblr, Wordpress, Typepad and other popular online web builders.

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